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You tell us how much time per day and how many days per week you have.  We make you workouts that fit your timeframe, your goals, and uses only your available equipment.

Wherever You Are

 Traveling? Let us know ahead of time and we'll adjust your workouts to fit your schedule. Business trip, family getaway, we've got you covered.


  Automatically log your workout history and get notified when you when you've reached new milestones.


No scheduling with a coach or booking a class. Your workouts are uploaded to our mobile app. All you have to do is press START and follow along!

Custom and affordable

  Our team of fitness professionals and engineers have developed a system that allows us to offer custom training for the price of an average gym membership.


How it works

success in 4 simple steps

Sign up and download the app                01
Sign up and download the app                01

Complete the onboarding process in just 5 minutes. Fill out the VPT Athlete Onboarding Form and download the app.

Set your goals and create a plan         02
Set your goals and create a plan         02

Work with our coaching team to set your goals and create a workout plan that fits your lifestyle as seamlessly as possible.

Press Start and Follow Along               03
Press Start and Follow Along               03

Your workouts are uploaded to the app each week. You do the workouts when you decide or as you are able to.

Track your progress and results         04
Track your progress and results         04

The app automatically tracks your progress and notifies you of accomplishments. All with direct support from our coaching team.

try it risk free

Fill out the VPT Athlete Onboarding Form and our coaching team will contact you within 24 hours

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How does VPT compare to the value of other personal training programs?

For $134 a month, VPT is the best price you will ever pay for custom personal training. That's just about what one session with a private trainer would cost you.

What is included in my VPT Membership?

Direct access to our team of health and fitness professionals who will build a plan designed specifically for you, your schedule, your goals, and your available equipment. each week, we'll send you a new set of workouts building off of your accomplishments and feedback from the week before.

Along with your membership, you'll get full access to our 600+ Exercise Video Library, our 5-day Mindset Education Course, and other valuable tools to help you reach your goals.

How do I know that VPT is the right fit for me?

The benefit of a custom fitness experience is that each program is made for each person specifically, meaning that it can fit for everyone.

If you have previous injuries or need specific accommodations, our team includes a licensed physical therapist who will work with you to ensure that you feel confident about your workouts. If you have any questions, send us an email and we'll be happy to address them.

What if this doesn't end up being what I need?

We want you to be enthusiastic about your VPT membership, so we're willing to give you 2 weeks of full access for FREE to get you started. At that point, you can decide if you want to continue with one of our monthly membership options.

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