Creating effective workouts that fit your lifestyle

We give you everything you need to reach your goals, from guidance to coaching and everything in between.

Creating effective workouts that fit your lifestyle

We give you everything you need to reach your goals, from guidance to coaching and everything in between.

Life gets busy. We make fitness fit you.

We're a team of busy professionals who understand how difficult it can be to fit everything you want to do into a day. 

Life is fast and nonstop. There is always something to do for work, for family, for friends, for animals; we want to do these things. We also want to go out for dinner, take a nap, enjoy some time on the couch, AND workout.. it's tough! 


Busy people don't typically have time to book a class, wait on a waiting list, drive or walk through traffic to get there, do the same generic workout as everyone else, make small talk, then commute back home. Busy people need something that is always ready, effective, reliable, and flexible. Trying to fit into a generic program just doesn't work.

We recognize that every person's situation is unique and different. There is no shame in being tired, unmotivated, or not having time. These are natural feelings to experience and need to be acknowledged. It's only after we acknowledge them that we can start to find a way to overcome them.

We'll work with you every step of the way to keep you motivated, overcome obstacles, and to provide you with workouts that fit seamlessly into your busy life.

the team

Here for you every step of the way

David Echevarria

CEO and Founder

David is a former semi-professional and collegiate athlete with a passion for fitness and movement.

David has a degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in biomechanics from Stevens Institute of Technology.

While in college, David and his friends ran a YouTube fitness channel with over 150K subscribers. He has coached hundreds of people of all fitness levels including professional athletes and corporate executives.

David is committed to helping you reach your goals and discover what you're capable of.

Dr. Ashley Twynam, PT. DPT.

COO and Co-Founder

Ashley is a lifelong athlete with a passion for helping others to feel their best. 


Ashley is a licensed physical therapist in New Jersey concentrating in outpatient sports health and rehabilitation.

Her passion for treating the person as a whole has allowed her to create a system that combines physical, mental, and emotional healing. 

Ashley has treated thousands of people over the years and is dedicated to making sure that our workouts are safe and effective.


Joe Kresz

Head of fitness performance

Joe is an Elite level Personal Strength and Conditioning Coach with an emphasis on nutrition and proper mind-muscle connection.

He's worked with clients from all walks of life including those that were: injury prone, young/beginners, older/veterans, those with physical or mental disabilities, post-pregnancy recovery, etc.

His passion is to help instill focused, creative, and effective workout fundamentals with proper body mechanics to those that are looking to improve their quality of life or get in shape!

He's also a family man with a wife and newborn son, looking to help better the world and spread his knowledge to those in need. 



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